The world’s first DAO making acquisitions in all forms of major league motorsports for fun and profit!

LFG Racing!

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Ownership of embedded carbon offsets

Much, much, more!

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Our Roadmap


We are experienced motorsport team operators at the track making acqusitions and working with MotorDAO members on entering into our favorite motorsports leagues.

Mid 2022

In the coming months, we will extend the MotorDAO Membership. These NFTs will allow for community access, governance, and a wide array of perks and experiences.

Late 2022 & Beyond

By 2023, MotorDAO will build on its 2022 successes and unveil the plan to expand into additional leagues, driver contracts, and more Web3 driven experiences with our partners and teams.

MotorDAO is making waves

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Our Discord community is filled with motorsports enthusiasts of all levels – from die hard fans to people who are brand new to racing!

The Discord will be your portal to DAO activity. And you can share your gear, stories, and fandom with other community members.

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